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MIDI für Vintage-Synths

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Special information about PPG-Wave-2 with MVS-Interface :

Vergrößerung im Popup-Fenster auf 640x480 Pixel

Inside the PPG-Wave-2: the MVS-Interface with additional electronics for 'chaotic-keyboard-scanning' and aftertouch-modulation-adapter

MVS-Interface-User-Manual for PPG Wave-2   (only available in german language) :

PopupBedienungsanleitung MVS-Interface für PPG-Wave-2   (PDF-Format ca. 350 KB)

Audio-Demos from satisfied customers :

PopupPPG-Wave-2-MVS-Interface-Demo-1   (MP3-Format ca. 2,5 MB)

(only Quantec-Raumsimulator-QRS (Reverb)and Roland-Space-Echo-RE-3 has been used as effects)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-MVS-Interface-Demo-2   (MP3-Format ca. 2,0 MB)

(drums from PC-soundcard, no additional effects)

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Useful files for users of the PPG-Wave-2   (only available in german language)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-Bedienungsanleitung   (PDF-Format ca. 150 KB)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-Kurzbedienungsanleitung   (PDF-Format ca. 69 KB)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-Philosophie   (PDF-Format ca. 113 KB)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-Zusatz-Bedienungsanleitung   (PDF-Format ca. 74 KB)

PopupPPG-Wave-2-Broschüre   (PDF-Format ca. 1,5 MB)

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Factory Presets   (Audio file that can be read via the cassette-tape-interface)

PopupFactory-Patches V1   (ZIP-Format, ca. 2,8 MB)  -  standard version from the internet

PopupFactory-Patches V2   (ZIP-Format, ca. 2,6 MB)  -  newly sampled version (if problems occur when importing the standard version)

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